Neem and Neem Products: Benefits at a Glance


Posted by Pawan | Posted in neem products | Posted on 08-10-2012

Neem has gained quite a buzz in recent years and people in developed countries are looking for it. A shift to organic form of farming also contributes to popularity of Neem as its constituents are well suited for organic farming. So what it is and what benefits we can obtain from it?

Neem is a tree usually found in tropical and sub tropical region like India and Burma. It is now widely known due to its plethora of biological activities including insect control and various medicinal properties. Neem can be used in wide variety of application like crop protection, medicinal & aromatic purposes because it completely safe for human and warm blooded creatures.

It is the limonoids present in the Neem tree and its part that possess insecticidal properties. The main limonoid among all that it contains is Azadirachtin but also contains azadiradione, fraxinellone, nimbin,nimbidin,salannin, salannol, vilasinin etc.

Azadirachtin can be found in all parts of Neem tree like bark, leaves, seeds& roots. But for commercial purpose only annually renewable parts like seeds and leaves are used. Neem seed contains Azadirachtin in abundance so are mostly used in commercial application like Neem Oil extraction and AzadirachtinTechnical powder extraction.

Neem Products commercially available

Neem Oil: Neem Oil can be extracted from Neem seeds via three extraction processes:

  1. Solvent Extraction
  2. Mechanical Extraction
  3. Controlled Temperature Mechanical Extraction

Among these controlled temperature extraction yields purest form of Neem Oil.

Neem Insecticide EC: