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Urea is the major fertilizer used in the world as a nitrogen supplier which is a criitical nutrient for crop growth. Urea contains highest nitrogen content of all solid nitrogenous fertilizers currently available.

Nitrogen from Urea is released in the soil and water and leached by activity of nitrifying bacteria NItrobactor and Nitrosomonas. These bacterias turn nitrogen in nitrite and then nitrate which are highly mobile in nature when present in soil. By these processes approximate 50% of nitrogen provided by urea is lost.

Solution to this problem of nitrogen loss of urea is to coat the urea with a substance that can prevent bacterial activity of nitrification.

Neem Based Urea Coating Agent

Why to use neem as urea coating agent?
Neem has proven nitrification inhibition properties. This way it slow down the process of nitrogen release from urea. It is the best nitrification inhibiting agent till date and better then sulpher.

Benefits of Neem Coated Urea
  • 1. Slow Down the process of nitrification of urea.
  • 2. Enhance the yield by 48%.
  • 3. Decrease urea requirement, hence save Money.

Ozoneem Coat is a Research driven highly concentrated product with potent Neem Extracts like Epinimbin, deacetylnimbin, sallanin, etc. and goodness of neem oil, for Urea Coating.

Why Ozoneem Coat is required?

Soil fertility is determined by three major elements namely Nitrogen, Phosphorus & Potassium (N, P, K) of which nitrogenplays a very important role. For this reason, Urea (containing 46% of N) consumption is very high all over the world. Unfortunately, more than half (upto 60%) of the nitrogen leaches out or vaporizes in the form of nitrogen gas, ammonia & nitrous oxide due to the presence of denitrifying bacteria in the soil.

Featured Benefits of ozoneem Coated Urea
  • 1. Slow Down the process of nitrification of urea.
  • 2. Neem Coated Urea reported improved yield upto 48%
  • 3. Decrease urea requirement by 50%.
  • 4. Controls soil born nematodes, termites and other pest due to pesticidal properties.
  • 5. It is a Next Generation Urea Coating Agent.

Ozoneem Coat Application:

Spread the required quantity of urea in shade & mix Ozoneem Coat (500 ml per metric ton or 25 ml per bag of 50 Kg of Urea) thoroughly; mix the two to get uniformly coated urea. Keep in shade for about three hours before application for deriving maximum benefit from Ozoneem Coat.